Advanced Android Concepts

Make sure you have Android Studio installed on your laptop and you can launch a HelloWorld app, before you come to the Hacknight. 

If you are a beginner, come anyway. The only way to learn swimming is to jump into the swimming pool.

Hey there!

In this week's hacknight we will be covering 3 concepts:

  1. Message passing between components using MessageQueue, Handlers, Loopers and interfaces.

  2. Handling Bitmaps Efficiently.

  3. Supporting Multiple Screens

These 3 concepts are the pillars on which all modern apps stand. It is also not surprising as to why are they important. When you move ahead from building basic apps, you will need:

  • To make network requests on different threads and a way to communicate between threads.
  • To work with images along with texts.
  • To make the app work on all phones of different sizes and in different orientations.

The importance of the above concepts, in building a successful application cannot be overstated.

So see you all on Wednesday at 9. :)